Founders: Michael and Michele Dunham



Marriages On the Move, was founded in September 2013, to be a blessing to married couples both young and mature. God gave us the charge, and, has helped us to birth a social ministry for married couples, that includes dance, and an opportunity for romance.

We come together as couples, to enjoy one another, as we honor the covenant of marriage for a life time. We believe the Word of God, and thus, the Biblical definition of the institution of Marriage, as being between one man and one woman.

God is developing this organization to be a place, where married couples can meet, and develop relationships with other married couples by providing an avenue for social interaction, the sharing of wisdom, an opportunity for healing, and the development of accountability, between other couples. 

Marriages on the Move has taken "date night" to a whole new level. We want to encourage couples to embrace their marriage with joy, and to look forward to each day, the Lord has given them together.  Each month we will have an event, that will require your RSVP on a month to month basis.  

Our desire, is to be the Game Changer, that will make a profound impact on a huge number of marriages, and assist in, turning around some of the negative statistics, that have been associated with many marriages of today. 

Marriages on the Move is for the "churched" and the "un-churched." We believe that marriages should be mentored by other Strong marriages. Married couples that attend "Marriages on the Move," are in it to win it, and we invite you to come out each month, stir up some romance, and have fun with your spouse.  

We welcome you to bring another married couple, so they can also be blessed.  We strongly believe that married couples should not only have private date nights on a regular basis, but also, from time to time interact with other married couples. 

No man is an island.  God, is a God of more, and we are both graced, and happy to take on the assignment, by providing this platform, where married couples can enjoy themselves, while sharpening each others marriages. 

The Love and affection shown towards our spouses, may be the one tangible thing, that may help lead another's unbelieving spouse to Jesus.  We are our brothers keepers, and we invite you to come out and join us. Whether you've been married for one day, or for more than 50 years, we welcome you.

Our hearts desire, is to enrich the marriage relationship, through various monthly events and activities, while keeping JESUS in the very center of our marriages.  See You Soon!



"What therefore God hath joined together,       let no man put asunder." Mark 10:9

    "Marriages On The Move in Christ"